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The Works of Banjo Paterson Warren Ham's excellent site features a four part series on his life, written by Paterson himself.

Banjo's Works

The Man from Snowy River, and Other Verses. Free plain text version of the book.
Saltbush Bill, J.P., and Other Verses. Free plain text version of the book.
Rio Grande's Last Race, and Other Verses. Free plain text version of the book.
Three Elephant Power, and Other Stories. Free plain text version of the book.

Other Sites of Interest

The Bush Poems of A.B.(Banjo) Paterson,read by JACK THOMPSON
Jack hopes to bring these fine, whimsical creations into the lives of many others, and introduce a new generation to the wisdom, the values and the humour that form one of the foundations of the Australian character.
Jack Thompson

Clancy of the Overflow Background and commentary on one of Banjo Paterson's best-loved poems.

The Waltzing Matilda Story Dennis O'Keefe's excellent resource.

Lets Teach our Children Australian Poetry through Music
I believe that this music is not only a great reflection of the Australian culture but it also provides schools with a useful and effective resource for teaching our children about the history of Australia through poetry.

As the teaching of poetry is an expectation of the current Literacy curriculum, you will be pleased to know that our music is appropriate for use with children from Year Three and up.
(See link "" to see lesson ideas showing how the music can be used to teach poetry).

School Market Place Teacher Resources
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