The Pioneers

The Pioneers.The release of 'Pioneers' by new group Wallis and Matilda in June 1980 changed the face of Australian country music.

The much-loved words of Australia's favourite bush poet, A.B.(Banjo) Paterson, were given a wonderful new dimension by being put to music by the group.

To the delight of Australian music lovers, 'Pioneers' took some of Banjo Paterson's timeless classics, and transformed them into haunting, evocative songs.

'Pioneers' tracks included:

The Man from Snowy River
Clancy of the Overflow
The Reverend Mulleneux
The Man from Ironbark
Been There Before

Since the release of Pioneers, Wallis and Matilda have released a further 2 tribute CD's
The Old Australian Ways
A Singer of The Bush

and the Commemorative compilation CD
Australian Gold.

(Pioneers, Ways and Singer have been also been digitally re-mastered and released in a handsome 3-CD boxed set )
The Great A.B.Banjo Paterson

A new tribute CD, Song of the Federation, was released in late 2003. But no matter how popular Wallis and Matilda have become, it's a testament to the popularity of their original release, that many people still call the group, "The Pioneers". That's fitting, because in so many ways, Wallis and Matilda can proudly take their place amongst the pioneers of Australian country music, and bush ballads!

In 2008 two more conceptual works 'Over the Range' and 'Song of the Pen' were completed and became part of The Great Wallis and Matilda Collection 2nd edition.

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